"The problem with communication is the illusion that is has occurred." - George Bernard Shaw

Community Solutions has for many years offered mediation services throughout the tri-county region. In many ways, mediation is our 'bread and butter' - the essence of what we do as an organization on behalf of the Central Oregon communities we serve. Mediation programs however, are not all designed or managed the same. We tailor our mediation services based on the unique needs of our customers. Regardless of the type of mediation provided, we're here to help when conflict or disagreements arise through improved communications, mutual understanding, solutions development, and problem solving.

Some of our more frequent types of mediation include:

  • The general public needs mediation to help resolve family disagreements, neighbor disputes, divorce issues, and a wide range of matters involving co-parenting, visitation, and guardianship.
  • A growing number of businesses utilize mediation to help resolve business to business, contract performance, workmanship claims, and customer service disputes.
  • County and City government agencies and offices leverage mediation to help communities resolve sometimes complex code, land, or zoning disputes with individual citizens or representative community groups. Courts routinely incorporate mediation as part of their internal processes in handling a wide range of cases, from probate to small claims.
  • Nonprofits increasingly use mediation to help resolve financial, property, community services, even officiating and league rule disputes.

For more on how to request mediation as a viable alternative to helping resolve dispute or conflict, contact our Community Solutions staff at, or call our offices at (541) 383-0187. We'll discuss your situation and further develop your case in a confidential, efficient, and low-to-no cost manner.

If you're interested in getting involved in any or all of our programs as a volunteer, please contact the Executive Director at, or call direct at (541) 318-6265 to learn more about becoming part of our mediation team.