Vision, Mission, and Values


Transforming communities through communication.


Helping people have difficult conversations.


Leadership: We're innovators in dispute resolution in this region providing influence, information, and inspiration.

Quality: We're committed to delivering the best services in education, facilitation, and mediation.

Trust: We're consistent, reliable, and accountable to our clients, partners, and communities we serve.

Our Vision statement is meant to remind us that improvements in interpersonal communications can have an expansive impact on issues and events shaping the many communities of Central Oregon. In all efforts, our staff and mediators strive to help people articulate just what it is that, from their perspective is contributing to disagreement, dispute, even conflict.

Our Mission statement is our compass heading, meant to remind us that in helping people confront challenges we must always start by guiding them through difficult, sometimes painful conversations few want to have. Confronting conflict is the first and most important part of the mediation effort, only after which can alternatives and agreements be reached.

Our Values serve as standards by which we conduct ourselves in all matters; developing programs, working in partnerships, making executive decisions, interacting with those we serve, and so much more.