We're taking on new ways of engaging the 'crowd' - the community members we serve - who have lots of important things to say!

We view Crowdsourcing as an innovative method that leverages the power of the internet to invite the public to define an issue, state their opinion, or help with a task. There is, after all great power in numbers and we do not discriminate against great ideas!

In short, Community Solutions will leverage Crowdsourcing to (1) identify an issue or task for which we'd like to find a best solution; (2) challenge the public to respond to prompts posted on our website; (3) receive as many great ideas as we can handle via webmail or Facebook; (4) mutually benefit our organization and the community at-large.

Look for our Crowdsourcing ground rules and first series of prompts in the coming weeks ahead. Will you take on our first Crowdsourcing challenge?

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